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I believe everyone has clairvoyant and clairsentient ability and can see Spirit. Children and animals are the most open, and that is why Spirit comes to them. In Shamanism, when a child or person is ill, different or doesn't "fit in,” they become outcast from the tribe. He/she goes on a journey to develop their gifts. They return to the tribe to become spiritual catalysts and awakeners. They help others heal and transform. It feels this intuitive model is still true.


Our culture, religions and "norms" teach us from early in life not to trust what we see and feel. Many people who become or are born mediums, clairvoyants and artists, too, are people were very sensitive as children and managed to stay open to the "supernatural", emotional and creative. In many indigenous cultures around the world, people who can see and connect to Spirits, ancestors and beings from other dimensions are revered. Intuition is a birthright. It is becoming more and more essential that people re-awaken this very powerful innate talent. We are all Light Beings having a physical experience.


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I have been incredibly lucky that everything I have done has supported my connection to The Goddess and Spirit. I grew up in New York City. I started going to professional acting school at 11. I took dance, improvisation, lived life as other people. There was lots of training that put me into altered states. Also too, since early childhood I have loved mythology, a fascination for ancient cultures, star gazing, color, and dream journaling led to studying past life regression and an interest in extraterrestrial contact - and somehow, the cumulative effect just pulled the elements together.


Amazing teachers just appeared in my life, and I have been lucky to study with incredibly talented people:  Stephen Robinson and Charlene Robins at Holistic StudiesInstitute,  James Hyman, The Ohashi Institute, NYC. I continue my training with The Montclair Metaphysical Center and Lee Van Zyl and Lee Ann de Rocca, both crazy talented teachers. My personal High Priestess is Shala Mattingly in New York City. I worked with Shala in the late 1990's doing Past Life regression. She does hypnosis that takes you back to other existences, and even universes, to understand your current life, talents, fears, relationships, goals, and how to use previous knowledge to help you now. It has been an intense and life changing experiences.




Do people plan to become mediums and clairvoyants? Probably some do, and some are from a family lineage of Mediums and clairvoyants. I feel like I was pre-programmed to this, and it just kept happening.

My process when I work is to do a meditation. I focus on the person and their energy and life. I write down everything I see, feel, and sense about them and their lives. When I see specific locations, countries, places, Colors, symbols events, people, Spirit Guides I give them the information. I feel their feelings. The mantra is not to judge or analyze what you receive.  Just give the information because it may have deep meaning for the person getting the message. I ask in advance that people have questions about life goals, issues and concerns that they want to explore.
I also work with reading photographs of people who are living and in Spirit. Many people are seeking validation that life continues beyond death, as man experiences it.


You can get lots of information from holding personal objects, especially keys, cell phones and jewelry. There are ways of scanning someone's energy field to get information. I also use Tarot cards because they are an excellent way to get powerful images, and help the person getting the reading focus! It is always about trusting Spirit and our intuition.


It is my intention to connect clients to their life goals and purpose, and to awaken their brilliance. I encourage you to…

  • Meditate, dance, do breathing exercises, and meet your Spirit Guides and teachers so they can develop their own intuition.
  • Keep a dream journal and develop a dream language you get from your Guides and Spirit teachers.
  • Trust your feelings and intuition, and get out of your linear and analytical minds.
  • Ask Spirits and loved ones to come through in your dreams with messages about your life.
  • Start creating a real connection to Source: Goddess, God, Quan Yin, Buddha, The Universe and be open to messages and answers!
  • Begin to trust your own brilliance!










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. Montclair Metaphysical Center:  Lee Van Zyl and  LeeAnn LaRocca   Unfoldment  Into Mediumship . Accelerated  Psychic Development . Energy Healing. Trance Healing. Ancestral Healing.

.  A. R .E  : Edgar Cayce Institute. New York City  : Tim Biot:  Intuitive Development . Shamanic Journeying

. Christina Pratt: Shaman : Last Mask Center for Shamanic Journeying:  Portland, Oregon

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