By Melissa Stamps

The mysterious universes of quantum physics, parallel universes, quantum
cosmology and the light body are emerging in both physics and quantum
physics. Energy is speeding up and our physical bodies are becoming lighter.

What will this mean to nutrition and supplementation in the 21stcentury? Energy
healing, Quantum and vibrational healing are ancient ways of working with the
physical, emotional and energy dimensions of who we are. It involves
understanding Chi, Qi, Universal Life Force and subtle energy fields that make up
and surround all living beings. These fields are usually invisible to the naked eye.
They are being remembered and practiced once again.

In an interview with Dr. Deepak Chopra, he says, “Quantum healing is healing
the Body. Mind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not
manifest at a sensory level. Our bodies ultimately are fields of information,
intelligence and energy. Quantum Healing involves a shift in the fields of energy
information, so as to bring about a correction in an idea that has gone wrong. So
quantum healing involves one mode of consciousness mind to bring about
changes in another mode of consciousness.”

Well known forms of energy healing, many Asian in origin, include Acupuncture,
using fine needles to treat points and energy pathways (Meridians). The
Meridians correspond to organs and organ systems as well as elements in nature,
to bring the body in alignment for optimal health. Yoga Chi Gong, Feng Shui,
(creating beautiful balanced space through using color, light, and placement of
furniture. These practical solutions are combined with principles of energy and of
the Tao and other spiritual philosophies and Intention to support a successful life.)

Joshua Bloom, Quantum Healer, teacher and film maker, of NYC was recently interviewed about his work.

Joshua Bloom states, “Right now, we are in a big change. Our old ways of
thinking and doing things are breaking down and being challenged, especially
in the areas of health. The old paradigm is- let’s cut it open, take it out and
medicate with drugs. Science is only accepted guideline. There Is nothing to
balance the side effects of these drugs. DEATH is on the list of possible side
effects or possible outcomes. I am interested in exploring things we can’t see, like
light frequencies. I am stepping up to share information through my film, The
Ultimate Answer. My film will bridge the gap between the old paradigm of
medicine to a new model that allows for possibilities. The movie will teach
people how to heal themselves. Quantum Healing is the thrust of the film. I work
directly with energy and using energy as medicine. Energy medicine creates
balances almost instantly. I can change fight or flight responses instantly when I
work with clients. Quantum healing connects to yourself. It connects to a safe
place within your body. When energy moves and releases, it creates permanent
change within the body. It happens at the cellular level. This is a process, not a

Vibrational medicine also uses Color, or Chromotherapy. Light and sound
frequencies, including tuning forks, Tibetan bowls and crystal singing bowls to
bring the body back into alignment. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians built
healing temples of color and light to transform energy fields of the body. Health
can be accelerated by working with the Chakras and the Auras, both subtle
bodies that contain information about multi-dimensional energy .Can Color,
Light, Sound and Quantum healing equal or surpass the body’s need for
nutrients, enzymes, minerals and supplements? It opens up many fascinating
possibilities as we head full throttle into the 21st century.

Melissa Stamps is a professional, certified Intuitive Counselor. She is also an Interior
Design Stylist, with a background in Feng Shui, and an Energy Worker. Her
websites are: and




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