Includes a Psychic overview of events in your life: Career, Love. Life path, family. travel, relocation. school, business, finance. Information is received through Spirit Guides, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and other heightened awareness. Information comes from personal objects, your energy and Spirit contact.


PRICES:     $195.00 - 60  Minutes         $165.00 - 45  Minutes          $125.00  - 30  Minutes   



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Bring  Mystery and Otherworldly energy to your next event. Everyone has questions about the past,  present and future of their lives . What can you learn and friends, family and lovers. Meet your Spirit guides and receive messages to questions you long to know the answers to. Your energy acts as a bridge to important awareness !


CORPORATE PARTIES AND EVENTS:  $500.00 per events    3 + Hours

Bring mystery and otherworldly energy to your next party or corporate event! Everyone has questions about their destinies. Everyone wants a glimpse into the secret past present and future of their own lives, and the lives of their families and friends! Connect with your Spirit Guides for a deeper understanding of your life's purpose. Meet your Spirit Guides, and get answers to questions you long to know see and perceive!!!!



GODDESS PARTIES:  $450.00 per event      3+ hours

BIRTHDAYS & BRIDAL SHOWERS: $450.00 for 3 Hourss
Guests are encouraged to have photographs of loved ones here and in Spirit, as well as personal  objects: Jewelry, cell phones, keys, and other personal objects that contain the energy and information of the wearer. Get a look into your multi-dimensional existence !

A 1/3 deposit is required for event reservations.