Georginna and The Light Being is the story of a little girl who goes on an adventure into other galaxies and solar systems!


One night, before going to bed, Georginna looks out the large window of her room. In the outline of the stars, she sees the shapes of a starry Queen -kites and dolphins For a moments, Georginna wonders if she is awake or asleep.


Suddenly, a blast of bright light comes though the window of her room.


Georginna is transported onto a silver spacecraft, where she meets an advanced Light Being named Nichro. They communicate through waves of colored light. The Light Being shows Georginna the mystery and beauty of the universe, where she happily explores colorful planets and galaxies with Nichro as her guide.



Is Georginna dreaming? Is this an adventure she has prepared for and become real? Georginna and The Light Being is an empowerment story for girls and boys! Creative and colorful images will open up universes waiting to be experienced, as they travel to worlds beyond their own, as far as their imaginations will take them!





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