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“I have been lucky enough to practice with Melissa Waite Stamps on a regular basis, focusing on developing my mediumship and clairvoyance skills with the added bonus of experiencing her beautiful guided meditations. Often Melissa has provided myself and others with very specific evidence from Spirit that has left me astounded at the accuracy of the content. 


“As well as being an attentive and wonderfully warm person, Melissa is bright, knowledgeable and a brilliant teacher. She certainly knows her stuff in this metaphysical field! 


“My personal psychic reading with Melissa was also relevant and accurate. I left with a renewed sense of direction for the future and a calmer outlook. Melissa seems to be able to pinpoint ways in which you can maximize your personal transformation. And various predictions she made have since come true. 


“Melissa is completely genuine and always manages to make you feel supported. I am grateful to have found such a excellent teacher, clairvoyant and medium.”  - Rachel Doremus, Summit, NJ


                                                                                     * * * * *



"Melissa gave me a Mediumship reading Monday night. I was amazed. First, she brought through my grandmother's sister. she said my grandmother's sister was very artistic. She saw color and paint and heard music. She said that my Mothers' side of the family was very  creative - that is where my creativity comes from. She described my grand mothers' sister as being medium height with long dark hair and unconventional, from Eastern Europe I asked if she could connect to my mother. There was a pause- She described my Mother as being young with dark hair to her shoulders, and Red lipstick and very glam. She was wearing a sleek dress cut on the diagonal and cinched at the waist. I KNEW my mom was there. She said my mom was not mad at me, in spite of the dramatic nature of how she died, and what happened right before she died. She described the early years of her marriage.She said my father became unfaithful around the time my sister was born, and that he was not around a lot. Melissa said my Mom handed me a box with designs or paper on it. In it were letters, photographs that would reconnect me to her side of the family. My mother said the box had a lot of important info and pics that would make me feel connected to the people  I am really related to and the pics are important.


"I DO have many pics that come from my mothers side of the family. All I could feel was how intense this experience was. She described my mother right before her as not recognizing herself after she left her body and saw herself as "unrecognizable". My mother had become almost disfigured from the chemo and other health conditions.


"I asked how I would know if my Mom was around. Melissa said. Yellow flowers. She is telling me about yellow flowers. I HAVE Yellow silk flowers all around my house. I was moved  so deeply to know and feel my mother is around me and loves me So many things were incredibly accurate and I could FEEL them. Melissa blew me away. She is SO talented. I really felt like my mother was there!!!"

Elle K., Clothing Designer, Orlando, FL


                                                                                    * * * * *


"Melissa saw I would not be staying with my husband I had been with since high school. She saw me leaving him under intense circumstances. She described a dark haired man with medium build, with his own business, and we would get married. I did meet him. We fell in love and got married. We were together for twelve and a half years until he died, We were very happy together.

In another reading,  Melissa also saw my eldest son having a cross roads in his career, She saw a major professional promotion relating to technology, computers and aerospace R & D. There would be a move, she said from California, to the East Coast, the D.C. area, then Europe. He got a promotion and moved to Arlington, Virginia, and is doing brilliantly in his career. (Update: He has since come back to California with offers for a job in Germany)

The saddest information I got was about my sister. Melissa originally felt the loss of a female family member. It became clear from the description, it was my eldest sister. I didn’t believe her. Within five months, my sister was diagnosed with cancer and died 3 months later.

Recently, I was getting close to retirement. Melissa kept telling me that I would have another career AFTER I retired, and move from Oklahoma, where I have been living   7 months after the reading, I was offered a new job overseas with the government. I am now making the highest salary and GS grade of my career. Guess what? I just signed on for two more years.

Melissa has an excellent record for accuracy over a long period of my life. Even things that felt unlikely   happened. She has always championed me to be successful and courageous in my life choices.  I highly recommend her!"
Janet W.

Hospital Administrator, U.S Armed Forces

                                                                                    * * * * *


"I have to personally attest to Melissa's uncanny accuracy and talent as a clairvoyant and medium.  I have one word for Melissa.  WOW!  Melissa has given me messages that have unfolded exactly as she saw them.   She told me I would have business partners in Germany.  This was before I ever even thought about going to Germany.  Melissa described a man I  would meet who did business in unscrupulous ways.   She told me time and time again this gentleman would pay after  many complications. He did.

I was amazed.   She would describe people and locations in detail.  She would explain the energetic reason why this person was in my life.  She would convey the spiritual aspect of their role in this life.  I recommend Melissa for the following reasons.  She is honest. She will not tell you what you want to hear but rather exactly what she receives.  She is authentic, and has excellent clairvoyant ability. She is also a Feng Shui expert and student of ancient Goddess mysteries. Melissa brings a very different aspect to being psychic - completely unique and completely original gifts.  Simply stated there is no one like her."

Steve C., Financial Planner. Portfolio Manager, NYC


                                                                                    * * * * *


Dearest Melissa:
I would like to thank you for your on-point reading.  I met with you on March 31, 2012.  When I asked, when will I get a job, you said that you were seeing a 4, that it wold be either in April or 4 months from then.  To my surprise, two (2) weeks later, I got a call from an Agency that I was not even thinking about and I was offered temporary employment.  I was laid-off and had not worked in over three (3) years.  You also said that the firm would not be a small boutique company but a large government entity, like a municipality, that's more secure. True to your word, I am currently working for a large NYC Agency.  You added, that it may not be glamorous, but look at everything offered as a gift because it could lead to other things.  I know exactly what you mean!!!
You also said other things that were also amazingly accurate!
Thank you for your warm and caring personality which is an added bonus to your readings.  I would highly recommend you.
Kind regards,

                                                                                    * * * * *


"Melissa is definitely one extraordinary individual. She has an extensive knowledge of Goddess mystery and many other forms of mystical philosophies. This is what gives Melissa a true edge over any Clairvoyant I have ever met. Melissa's open view of consciousness is what makes her connect with you on the deepest of levels. Melissa was the doorkeeper to my path. Without meeting her , I truly would have not had the path presented to me. My awareness is now open. This is really the area she shines. She will open your awareness through psychic readings, a feng shui consultation, or energy work, . Nobody, and I mean nobody ,has opened my awareness and made me aware of my path more than Melissa has.. This is why I have a deep sense of gratitude towards her."

Steve Christmann


"HI, I am in complete awe of Melissa.. She is the best psychic and most importantly one of the best people I have  met so far in my life. SHE IS REAL REAL !
To begin with, she is scarily accurate all the time. Its almost always a Jaw dropping experience.
She is exceptionally amazing in picking up even on those minutest of the details. The first time when I spoke to her , she picked up on something which only I knew . Trust me only me , no one could have possible known at all , unless they are a genuine psychic. Since it was my first time with her , I tried not to give her any information at all , and she never asked for any thing more than names either  I was literally surprised when she told me that there is one Man in my mind that stands out , which is really, really surprising because I have not been dating anyone at that time , not even met or spoken to this particular person , someone only I would admire in my mind and heart . Not only did she pick up that , she could pick everything around that situation. She then went from there and told me things that might have been going around in that persons life , which because I wasn’t aware of , could not confirm then , only to find out later to my surprise that every single statement she made and the events she told about that person's life were a 101% correct.
Ever since , every single reading she does for me , I keep getting those minute details , without any information being fed to her, but yes I don’t get freak out now because  am so used to her surprising me every time :)


"And now something I want to emphasize more than anything. Obviously there is no question about her being THE BEST  psychic I have ever met .  More than that she is very humble and caring.  Trust me she is  such a beautiful soul inside out that there is no chance that you can Stop yourself from falling in love with her.


"You wont feel for a second that she is after your money , instead you will know right away that she really means it from the bottom of her heart when she says "IAM HERE TO HELP YOU , IDONT WANT YOU TO LEAVE IN PAIN AND CONFUSED , IWANT TO HELP YOU".


"She will not look at the timer or ask you to pay that per minute fees if you exceed the scheduled time. All she says "Oh No , YOU ARE GOOD , YOU DONT OWE ME ANYTHING MORE ."
In all , I thank you Melissa from the bottom of my heart for everything you have been doing for me. Trust me when I say I hold immense gratitude in my heart for you. I really do and I know this testimonial is not enough to express that....I know you truly care and no matter what I would always like to stay in touch with you , not only as MY PSYCHIC ADVISOR for life , but a friend..


"I am just looking forward to see you soon in person ..
Lots of love and blessings...May god bless you and you family..!! Keep shining.

xoxoxox Niharika


                                                                                    * * * * *

"I met Melissa when I was deeply involved in major changes with my business and professional life I was also going through intense changes in relationships and energy levels. I thought I might be having paranormal experiences and I didn't know what was causing them I needed a different take on what was going on, and decided to see a Clairvoyant.


Melissa was professional, well prepared, and has excellent training. She gave me a reading about events she saw in my life having to do with the expansion of my business and a lot of international travel. She saw me speaking to large groups of people in big venues and writing an incredibly successful book.

The reading included several past lives connected by specific themes that are part of current life experiences. They felt real. I could see and feel myself in those places and lives. She described a Spirit who is in my family lineage, holding a cigar and pen, standing in front of green land, like a plantation. After speaking with relatives on both sides of my family- this "Spirit" existed and lived in Cuba. He had a fascinating and colorful past and is part of my family. I feel this exploration into contact with Spirit has really expanded my understanding of my talents and life!"

Gus V, Computer Programmer, International Business Owner


                                                                                    * * * * *


Hi Melissa:

I wanted to share with you that you were 100% accurate with what you saw around me. I've had a spiritual connection with North East Asian Shaminism for many years and have sensed that energy around me. Additionally, I have three children in spirit who all transitioned shortly after birth and one of them
was a girl. The male you saw is my father. I hope that we have an opportunity to connect again in the not
too distant future.

Blessings, love and light,
Rev. Victor


                                                                                    * * * * *


"Melissa is both a gifted and caring psychic. I have known her more than 7  years.  I have found her to be not only honest and trustworthy, but stunningly accurate.  Always non-judgmental and compassionate, Melissa has clear, detailed psychic insight .She provides the clarity to guide you through problems. She has outstanding communication skills and cares deeply about helping other people.  I highly recommend her."
Susan Gadd Nevada

                                                                                    * * * * *

"As a professional I need help with many areas of my life.  Getting objective insight is very important to me.  Melissa's psychic and clairvoyant talents gave me direct pathways to success. I resolved many pending problems and blockages.  She was able to immediately perceive and give clarity.  Her mediumship   ability to contact Spirits is an important asset for anyone seeking clarity on present issues in one's life.  I give Melissa a 93% accuracy rate !"


Jerome Cleary, Los Angeles newspaper columnist and TV host


                                                                                    * * * * *

"Melissa is an amazing psychic medium.  She is what I would call "the psychic's psychic," because even those who are gifted in mediumship themselves have benefited greatly from her insights. It's also because the nature of her readings delve far beyond just stating facts.Her messages often come through in images of landscapes, and then they are filled in with details of people and situations.  I would say that at least 95 percent of what she has predicted for me has come true. The other 5 percent probably has not yet happened or I have not had the opportunity to verify it. In a reading last winter, Melissa saw me in a wooded setting, doing spiritual work, and she sensed what the outcome would be if I made that trip over the summer.  At the time, I'd had no plans to make such a trip. Within a few months the opportunity arose, and I made the journey. I feel very strongly that I may well have passed it by because I myself hadn't felt that it would be so significant.


I'm glad that I heeded her suggestion, because the outcome was just as she had predicted.I've been working on a creative project off and on for many years, and Melissa saw me  finally completing the project.  She also saw a man come into my life who would help me with its completion.  This came to pass, just as she had seen, and the man was exactly as she had described him, both in terms of his physical characteristics, his profession, and in very subtle details of his personality.Last year she saw me going on a business trip related to this project, and arriving at a place near the ocean, with a boulevard lined with tall palm trees.  Later I found that I had to go to Southern California -- for business that was related to this project -- and the ride from the airport was exactly as she'd described it.


What is amazing about Melissa's gifts is that they get right to the essence of the people and situations that you need to know about.  It's one thing to predict an event, but it's entirely another thing to elaborate on the essence that is behind it.  Sometimes this takes the form of  past-life information, or hidden personality traits that can greatly assist when we are trying to figure out how to navigate difficult or intimate relationships.  I have always found Melissa's intuition to be incredibly insightful when it comes to relationships.  Her insights can give the extra spiritual knowledge that I welcome when I "know" that a relationship has particular karmic issues.  Melissa sees these situations and it helps me to make decisions that "ordinary" sense would not dictate.Recently she saw me collaborating on a very important creative project with someone I never would have dreamed to be interested in such a thing.  When I mentioned it to the person, he said he'd just been thinking of the same thing.  I was amazed, and he even admitted that it was an entirely new venture for him. 


Several months ago Melissa saw me traveling to a foreign country with one of my colleagues from work.  I could not in any way imagine this to come to pass -- neither that country nor travel with colleagues.  Imagine how I felt when one of my colleagues walked into my office this afternoon and asked if I'd like to join a delegation to that particular country.  It's probably obvious by now that I find Melissa to be a top-notch psychic medium.  She has real integrity as well.  She'll tell you what she sees, and you can do as you wish with the information.  In every situation, I've been extremely grateful to have the essence revealed to me.  When I've wanted to give up on something, especially on a relationship, she could see the larger picture.  This is what helps us make informed karmic decisions, so that we can stay with something or someone and live through our karmic patterns until they have reached successful fruition."

 Dina R.
 St. Petersburg, Florida


                                                                                    * * * * *

"Melissa is a wonderfully gifted medium. I sought her help during a very stressful family crises. Using her ability to communicate with loved ones who have passed, she was able to help me find peace and put my mind at ease. Her message in addition to being comforting brought forth practical solutions which assisted me in calmly navigate my family through the rough patch we were experiencing.


She was truly a God send..."

Jason Information Technology Consultant

Atlanta, Georgia


                                                                                    * * * * *


"Hi Melissa, its me Veronica. I just want to say thank you for being my spiritual advisor and psychic. Your predictions always come to pass! You are phenomenol and I'm so grateful to have found you. You are also non-judgemental and sooo compassionate and such a kind soul.. I want everyone that reads about you on your website to know just what kind of a person you are. YOUR MY GUIDING ANGEL. THANKS SO MUCH!"

Veronica R.
Nurse Practitoer

Boulder, CO


                                                                                    * * * * *


"When I first spoke to Melissa Stamps, she did a reading for me right then and there on the spot; and I was truly amazed by how accurate she was. The only questions she asked of me were simply to confirm something that she had read. Most of the reading was done without an utterance from me. I have spoken to a number of psychics, clairvoyants and Melissa is positively one of a kind. Most won't do a cold reading at all and yet Melissa was spot on with everything that she read. Once she did establish some issues I was having, she guided me with some advice as to how to approach and handle certain situation and in retrospect, I can confirm that she was spot on with all of her guided advice as well!! She is a genuinely gifted clairvoyant with an amazing energy about her and I am looking forward to many, many more readings with her."

Kelly Whest, Software Developer
Charlotte, North Carolina


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